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PAYPAL TO @JDecker29

or at VENMO TO: John-Decker-72




1970 NIL and Capital City Umpires Agree The_Tennessean_Tue__Mar_31__1970_.jpg

1970 pic of overton players and coach The_Tennessean_Fri__Apr_3__1970_.jpg

1970 Overton needs win to stay in race The_Tennessean_Mon__Apr_20__1970_.jpg

1970 Game Pic - Glencliff vs Cumberland play at first base The_Tennessean_Wed__May_13__1970_.jpg

1970 Glencliff wins NIL West on Holt's 3rd shutout The_Tennessean_Wed__May_13__1970_.jpg

1970 region clarksville wins north division over charlotte p1 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_15__1970_.jpg

1970 region clarksville wins north division over charlotte p2 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_15__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoffs open today - roundup The_Tennessean_Fri__May_15__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoffs Dupont wins, Cats shock Two Rivers The_Tennessean_Sat__May_16__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL PLayoff - GAme Pic Two Rivers Run Together The_Tennessean_Sat__May_16__1970_.jpg

1970 2 articles - NIL Playoffs plus article on Two Rivers Battery The_Tennessean_Sun__May_17__1970_.jpg

1970 clarksville in district playoffs today The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_19__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoff semifinal preview The_Tennessean_Tue__May_19__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoff game pic overton vs dupont The_Tennessean_Wed__May_20__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoff Semifinals Overton and Madison win The_Tennessean_Wed__May_20__1970_.jpg

1970 district playoff columbia shuts out clarksville The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_20__1970_.jpg

1970 district playoff clarksville evens series The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_21__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoff title game preview The_Tennessean_Thu__May_21__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoff - Madison beats Overton for title The_Tennessean_Fri__May_22__1970_.jpg

1970 NIL Playoff game pic from champ game The_Tennessean_Fri__May_22__1970_.jpg

1970 district playoff columbia beats clarksville for title The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_22__1970_.jpg

1970 Mid TN Region Preview The_Tennessean_Tue__May_26__1970_.jpg

1970 Mid TN Region  - Glencliff, Columbia reach finals rematch of 69 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_27__1970_.jpg

1970 Mid TN Region - game pic of finals out at first The_Tennessean_Thu__May_28__1970_.jpg

1970 Mid TN Region - Glencliff beats Columbia 3-0, advance to state The_Tennessean_Thu__May_28__1970_.jpg

1970 State tourney preview Kingsport_Times_Mon__Jun_1__1970_.jpg

1970 Glencliff heavy hitters open state today The_Tennessean_Mon__Jun_1__1970_.jpg

1970 cbhs wins game 1 Kingsport_Times_Tue__Jun_2__1970_.jpg

1970 Glencliff wins first game p1 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_2__1970_.jpg

1970 glencliff wins first game p2 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_2__1970_.jpg

1970 Holt paces Colts past Mo East Kingsport_Times_Tue__Jun_2__1970_.jpg

1970 Wray shows the way as glencliff wins g2 Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_3__1970_.jpg

1970 glencliff beats cbhs g2 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_3__1970_.jpg

1970 naps on basepath cost morristown eliminated Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_3__1970_.jpg

1970 glencliff and lefty catcher The_Tennessean_Thu__Jun_4__1970_.jpg

1970 cbhs eliminates franklin co. Kingsport_Times_Thu__Jun_4__1970_.jpg

1970 glencliff wins title p1 The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_5__1970_.jpg

1970 Glencliff wins title p2 The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_5__1970_.jpg

1970 Glencliff wins state title Kingsport_Times_Fri__Jun_5__1970_.jpg

1970 Sherlin taken in the MLB draft The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_5__1970_.jpg




1971 district playoff clark vs lewisburg preview The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_18__1971_.jpg

1971 Gene Menee's slides past Glencliff catcher in 10 inning win The_Tennessean_Tue__May_18__1971_.jpg

1971 Madison, MBA win advance to NIL title game The_Tennessean_Tue__May_18__1971_.jpg

1971 Trenton beats Camden to win division The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_18__1971_.jpg

1971 MBA, Madison for all the marbles today The_Tennessean_Wed__May_19__1971_.jpg

1971 district playoff clark wins first game The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_19__1971_.jpg

1971 district playoff clark advances article on win The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_20__1971_.jpg

1971 district playoff clark advances to finals pic of hitter The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_20__1971_.jpg

1971 West TN district tourney semifinals round up The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_20__1971_.jpg

1971 district playoff clarksville loses season over The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_21__1971_.jpg

1971 district playoff pic of scoreboard The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_21__1971_.jpg

1971 JCM beats Humboldt for district title The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_21__1971_.jpg

1971 Overton goes for third title p1 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_25__1971_.jpg

1971 Overton goes for third title p2 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_25__1971_.jpg

1971 Pic of Overton Harold Herman and two other hitters The_Tennessean_Tue__May_25__1971_.jpg

1971 Overton wins, regional roundup p1 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_26__1971_.jpg

1971 Overton wins, regional roundup p2 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_26__1971_.jpg

1971 JCM loses to Bartlett in region semifinals The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__May_26__1971_.jpg

1971 Lebanon runner slides in to Mike Hendrix of Overton The_Tennessean_Wed__May_26__1971_.jpg

1971 Hendrix hero in Overton region title game The_Tennessean_Thu__May_27__1971_.jpg

1971 State Preview The_Tennessean_Mon__May_31__1971_.jpg

1971 state tribe loses opener to overton Kingsport_Times_Tue__Jun_1__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Herman Grand Slam as runner tries to steal home The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_1__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Herman's slam leads Overton to 10-6 win over Kingsport game 1 p1 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_1__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Herman's slam leads Overton to 10-6 win p2 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_1__1971_.jpg

1971 kingsport native mike roberts at north carolina as player Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_2__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Overton makes finals p1 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_2__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Overton makes finals p2 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_2__1971_.jpg

1971 state overton wins 2nd round Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_2__1971_.jpg

1971 state tourney boxscore game 2 Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_2__1971_.jpg

1971 state indians beat bartlett p1 Kingsport_Times_Thu__Jun_3__1971_.jpg

1971 indians beat bartlett p2 Kingsport_Times_Thu__Jun_3__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Overton eyes title, Kingsport eliminates Bartlett The_Tennessean_Thu__Jun_3__1971_.jpg

1971 state db bartlett boxscore Kingsport_Times_Thu__Jun_3__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Overton rally bags title p1 The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_4__1971_.jpg

1971 State - Overton rally bags title p2 The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_4__1971_.jpg

1971 state db falls in finals Kingsport_Times_Fri__Jun_4__1971_.jpg

1971 all nil baseball list The_Tennessean_Sun__Jun_6__1971_.jpg

1971 all nil baseball article team capsules The_Tennessean_Sun__Jun_6__1971_.jpg

1971 all nil baseball team pic - mike hendrix catcher overton The_Tennessean_Sun__Jun_6__1971_.jpg




1972 mcgavock ready to take on mba The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1972_.jpg

1972 dist 12 clarksville vs lewisburg preview The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_23__1972_.jpg

1972 covington whips north side for district champship The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__May_24__1972_.jpg

1972 dist 12 clark falls to lewisburg p1 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_24__1972_.jpg

1972 dist 12 clark falls to lewisburg p2 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_24__1972_.jpg

1972 nil playoff mba beats McG game 1 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_24__1972_.jpg

1972 nil playoff mba beats McG p2 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_24__1972_.jpg

1972 nil playoffs mba wins series The_Tennessean_Thu__May_25__1972_.jpg

1972 al nil baseball article p1 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_26__1972_.jpg

1972 all nil baseball article p2 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_26__1972_.jpg

1972 all nil baseball team pic The_Tennessean_Fri__May_26__1972_.jpg

1972 east region preview Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Tue__May_30__1972_.jpg

1972 midstate playoff preview The_Tennessean_Tue__May_30__1972_.jpg

1972 midstate playoff day 1 p1 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_31__1972_.jpg

1972 midstate playoff day 1 p2 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_31__1972_.jpg

1972 east region day 1 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_31__1972_.jpg

1972 east region toppers beat vikings Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_31__1972_.jpg

1972 mba wins midstate over lewisburg The_Tennessean_Thu__Jun_1__1972_.jpg

1972 state preview Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Mon__Jun_5__1972_.jpg

1972 state preview p1 The_Tennessean_Mon__Jun_5__1972_.jpg

1972 state preview p2 The_Tennessean_Mon__Jun_5__1972_.jpg

1972 state mba wins opener 5-0 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_6__1972_.jpg

1972 state cbhs 7 jc 4 first game Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Tue__Jun_6__1972_.jpg

1972 jc eliminated by oak ridge Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__Jun_7__1972_.jpg

1972 mba wins reaches finals The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_7__1972_.jpg

1972 state cbhs eliminates oak ridge rematch with mba Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__Jun_8__1972_.jpg

1972 mba wins state shutout dbhs 8-0 The_Tennessean_Thu__Jun_8__1972_.jpg





1973 NIL roundup p1 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_15__1973_.jpg

1973 NIL roundup p2 - Gary Faulkner homers, Billy Miles 13K's The_Tennessean_Tue__May_15__1973_.jpg

1973 Oakland v Riverdale and NIL scores The_Tennessean_Tue__May_15__1973_.jpg

1973 NW win in district playoff advance The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_16__1973_.jpg

1973 cheatham undefeated so far in distirct tourney The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_17__1973_.jpg

1973 dickson coach talks w umpire 2 pix The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_17__1973_.jpg

1973 old hickory acad advances in tourney The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_18__1973_.jpg

1973 old hickory academy game pic from tourney The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_18__1973_.jpg

1973 NW advances in district playoffs with wins over cheatham county The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_20__1973_.jpg

1973 ripley and haywood win in dist 14 tourney The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_22__1973_.jpg

1973 NIL PLayoff - Thornton powers Pearl to 2-0 win g1 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_23__1973_.jpg

1973 PIc - Pearl in the new pinstripes The_Tennessean_Wed__May_23__1973_.jpg

1973 NW backs against the wall 2nd game today The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_23__1973_.jpg

1973 dist 12 Lawrenceburg eliminates NW p1 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_24__1973_.jpg

1973 dist 12 Lawrenceburg eliminates NW p2 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_24__1973_.jpg

1973 Lawrence Co beats NW to win district 12 title The_Tennessean_Thu__May_24__1973_.jpg

1973 district tourney updates The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_24__1973_.jpg

1973 NIL playofs - McGavock knots series with Pearl The_Tennessean_Fri__May_25__1973_.jpg

1973 Pic of Pearl coach Jim Armstrong The_Tennessean_Fri__May_25__1973_.jpg

1973 Tullahoma beats Manchester in district play The_Tennessean_Fri__May_25__1973_.jpg

1973 OHA beats Lexington advances to regional The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_25__1973_.jpg

1973 NIL playoff g3 - McGavock slaughters Pearl 18-6 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_26__1973_.jpg

1973 region preview west tn The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_29__1973_.jpg

1973 Mid TN Region 3 Preview The_Tennessean_Tue__May_29__1973_.jpg

1973 Mid TN Region Lebanon beats Pearl 1-0 in 10 innings, McGavock wins The_Tennessean_Wed__May_30__1973_.jpg

1973 old hickory beats ripley 7-6 The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__May_30__1973_.jpg

1973 cbhs wins adv to play OHA tonight The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_31__1973_.jpg

1973 Mid TN Region 3 McGavock beats Lebanon 9-3 for title The_Tennessean_Thu__May_31__1973_.jpg

1973 old hickory beats cbhs adv to state tourney The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__Jun_1__1973_.jpg

1973 state McG wins Tullahoma loses p1 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_5__1973_.jpg

1973 McG wins Tullahoma loses p2 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_5__1973_.jpg

1973 state pic of game The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_5__1973_.jpg

1973 Errors, Tullahoma beat OHA The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__Jun_6__1973_.jpg

1973 state McG loses  p1 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_6__1973_.jpg

1973 state McG loses p2 other info and scores The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_6__1973_.jpg

1973 state tullahoma eliminates McG p1 Knox Central wins title The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_8__1973_.jpg

1973 state Tullahoma eliminates McG p2 KC wins title The_Tennessean_Fri__Jun_8__1973_.jpg

1973 all nil baseball team The_Tennessean_Thu__Jun_14__1973_.jpg




1974 all nil district standings The_Tennessean_Mon__May_13__1974_.jpg

1974 dist 19 clarksville game pic The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_14__1974_.jpg

1974 dist 19 clarksville opening day of tourney result article The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_14__1974_.jpg

5.14 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Tue__May_14__1974_ Chuckey Doak WCA win in District 4.jpg

5.14 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Tue__May_14__1974_ Warriors, Rangers win in District 3.jpg

5.14 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Tue__May_14__1974_District 1 and 6 roundup.jpg

5.14 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_14__1974_ District 21 Tourney Roundup.jpg

5.14 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_14__1974_ Game PIc MBA vs Ryan.jpg

1974 dist 19 clarksville in drivers seat The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_15__1974_.jpg

5.15 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_15__1974_ District 3 game pic play at plate .jpg

5.15 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_15__1974_District 3 roundup.jpg

5.15 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_15__1974_District Four Tourney roundup.jpg

5.15 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_15__1974_District One roundup .jpg

5.15 The_Tennessean_Wed__May_15__1974_ Stratford makes finals of district 21.jpg

5.16 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__May_16__1974_ Big 9 Top Hitters and Pitchers stats.jpg

5.16 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__May_16__1974_ District 4 Roundup LBF.jpg

5.16 The_Tennessean_Thu__May_16__1974_ District 21 Champ game preview p2.jpg

5.16 The_Tennessean_Thu__May_16__1974_District 21 Champ game preview p1.jpg

5.17 District Tourney Roundup - McGavock wins 21 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_17__1974_.jpg

5.17 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Fri__May_17__1974_Boone beats Crockett for District 4 title.jpg

5.17 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Fri__May_17__1974_Happy Valley gets to District 3 finals with win p1.jpg

5.17 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Fri__May_17__1974_Happy Valley gets to District 3 finals with win p2.jpg

5.17 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Fri__May_17__1974_TN High wins District One, 9-8.jpg

5.17 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_17__1974_ Gene Etter named coach at Baylor.jpg

1974 dist 19 vikings in finals The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_17__1974_.jpg

5.18 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Sat__May_18__1974_Happy Valley scores 5 in the 13th to win first District 3 champ game.jpg

5.18 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_18__1974_  Clarksville wins Dist 19 .jpg

5.18 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_18__1974_ Game Pic Ryan's Mike Wright.jpg

5.18 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_18__1974_ Triple Play ignites Ryan win over Pearl in District 22 .jpg

5.18 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_18__1974_ Tullahoma wins Dist. 15 title .jpg

5.19 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Sun__May_19__1974_All Big 9 Baseball Squad.jpg

5.19 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Sun__May_19__1974_Unicoi wins District 3 8-6 .jpg

1974 dist 19 pic of fight between teams The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_19__1974_.jpg

1974 dist 19 clark bats way to title The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_19__1974_.jpg

1974 dist 19 pic out at the plate The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_19__1974_.jpg

1974 regional clarks vs cookeville preview The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_23__1974_.jpg

5.23 The_Tennessean_Thu__May_23__1974_NIL nine may be state's best p1 .jpg

5.23 The_Tennessean_Thu__May_23__1974_ NIL nine may be state's best p2 .jpg

5.23 The_Tennessean_Thu__May_23__1974_ Pic of McGavock players - Greg Robinson, Eric Graves, Dave Kautz.jpg

5.23 The_Tennessean_Thu__May_23__1974_ Regional Tourney preview .jpg

5.23Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__May_23__1974_Region One PREVIEW.jpg

1974 Ripley and Savannah reach region finals full page The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_24__1974_.jpg

5.24 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_24__1974_ Region 4 roundup Baylor beats Riverdale.jpg

5.24 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_24__1974_ Region 6 Ryan and Overton win .jpg

5.25  The_Tennessean_Sat__May_25__1974_Tulllahoma wins Region 4 title.jpg

5.25 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Sat__May_25__1974_DB wins Region 1 title .jpg

5.25 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_25__1974_ Overton wins Region 6.jpg

5.25 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_25__1974_Cookeville and Lebanon win in Region 5.jpg

1974 savannah 2 ripley 1 story and game pic The_Jackson_Sun_Sun__May_26__1974_.jpg

1974 regional clarksville eliminated The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_26__1974_.jpg

1974 pic from ripley savannah region 7 champ game The_Jackson_Sun_Sun__May_26__1974_.jpg

5.26 The_Tennessean_Sun__May_26__1974_ Cookeville beats Lebanon 4-3 wins region 5.jpg

1974 state cookeville beats overton moves to semifinals The_Tennessean_Tue__May_28__1974_.jpg

1974 cookeville eliminates overton pic The_Tennessean_Tue__May_28__1974_.jpg

1974 knox central beats DB Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_28__1974_.jpg

1974 Cookeville beats Savannah in semifinals The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_31__1974_.jpg

6.3 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Mon__Jun_3__1974_ State finals preview Tullahoma vs Cookeville 29-1 vs 21-1.jpg

1974 state Tullahoma grabs opener 1-0 The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_4__1974_.jpg

1974 state Tullahoma grabs title The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_5__1974_.jpg

6.5 Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__Jun_5__1974_Tullahoma wins title.jpg

1974 all nil baseball team article p1 The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_15__1974_.jpg

1974 all nil baseball team list The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_15__1974_.jpg




1975 Bellview and MBA clash in nil baseball The_Tennessean_Wed__Apr_9__1975_.jpg

1975 Brentwood 30 Hillsboro 1 17 run 2nd inning The_Tennessean_Wed__Apr_9__1975_.jpg

1975 clark beats NW district 19 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_15__1975_.jpg

1975 clarksivlle advances to region The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_18__1975_.jpg

1975 region preview The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_20__1975_.jpg

1975 clarksville falls in region opener The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_22__1975_.jpg

1975 UET Region 1 semifinal roundup Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__May_22__1975_.jpg

1975 columbia wins regional over cookeville The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_23__1975_.jpg

1975 Kingsport belts Cyclones for region title Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Fri__May_23__1975_.jpg

1975 Humboldt qrtrfinal preview vs Bishop Byrne The_Jackson_Sun_Sun__May_25__1975_.jpg

1975 Kingsport advances to semifinals with 12-3 win Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Tue__May_27__1975_.jpg

1975 humboldt beats bishop byrne in qrtrfinal The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__May_28__1975_.jpg

1975 humboldt bishop byrne box score The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__May_28__1975_.jpg

1975 DB vs Tullahoma rained out Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Fri__May_30__1975_.jpg

1975 McG beats Humboldt in semis p2 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_31__1975_.jpg

1975 Kingsport DB beats Tullahoma 3-1 in semifinals Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Sat__May_31__1975_.jpg

1975 All NIL baseball team pic plus p1 articxle The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_3__1975_.jpg

1975 ALL NIL baseball article p2 plus team list The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_3__1975_.jpg

1975 McG beats Kingsport g1 p1 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_4__1975_.jpg

1975 Mcg beats Kingsport p2 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_4__1975_.jpg

1975 McGavock squeeze beats Humboldt semifinals .jpg

1975 state db fall in 9 to mcgavock Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_4__1975_.jpg

1975 state McG wins g1 plus Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_4__1975_.jpg

1975 state mcgavock holds off db wins state - full page p1 Kingsport_Times_Thu__Jun_5__1975_.jpg

1975 state - mcg wins title p2 of story Kingsport_Times_Thu__Jun_5__1975_.jpg

1975 aaa all big nine 1aaa district team Kingsport_Times_Fri__Jun_6__1975_.jpg




1976 clarksville makes finals of region The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_20__1976_.jpg

1976 Clarksville wins region 5 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_21__1976_.jpg

1976 McGavock in state p1 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_21__1976_.jpg

1976 McGavock beats Bellevue 2-1 in state p2 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_21__1976_.jpg

1976 east substate preview Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_22__1976_.jpg

1976 state Vikings nip Bearden reach semifianls Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_25__1976_.jpg

1976 McG knocks out Clarksville The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_25__1976_.jpg

1976 east db beats bearden make semifinals Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_25__1976_.jpg

1976 state semifinals - CBHS pitcher had 6 strait shutouts The_Tennessean_Wed__May_26__1976_.jpg

1976 east mccallie shuts out ths vikings in semifinals Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_28__1976_.jpg

1976 - state semifinals mccallie ends ths hopes Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_28__1976_.jpg

1976 McG rained out Polk 27-2 record JR The_Tennessean_Fri__May_28__1976_.jpg

1976 semifinals rained out again 2nd day The_Tennessean_Sat__May_29__1976_.jpg

1976 McGavock wins over CBHS semis p1 The_Tennessean_Sun__May_30__1976_.jpg

1976 Mcgavock beats CBHS in semi's p2 The_Tennessean_Sun__May_30__1976_.jpg

1976 Upper East TN All Star Game Roster and article Kingsport_Times_News_Sun__May_30__1976_.jpg

1976 Mcg wins semi in finals The_Tennessean_Sat__May_31__1975_.jpg

1976 McG falls to McCallie p1 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_2__1976_.jpg

1976 McG falls to McCallie p2 The_Tennessean_Wed__Jun_2__1976_.jpg

1976 McG - McCallie rained out again The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_5__1976_.jpg

1976 McCallie wins state title The_Tennessean_Sun__Jun_6__1976_.jpg

1976 all nil baseball pic The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_12__1976_.jpg

1976 all nil baseball article p1 The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_12__1976_.jpg

1976 al nil baseball article p2 w team list The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_12__1976_.jpg

1976 east upper east all star game 1 Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__Jun_12__1976_.jpg

1976 east upper east tn all star game 2 Kingsport_Times_News_Sun__Jun_13__1976_.jpg




1977 reg season roundup The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_6__1977_.jpg

1977 district 12 day 1 rain out 3 got 1 game in The_Leaf_Chronicle_Sun__May_8__1977_.jpg

1977 northwest eliminated The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_10__1977_.jpg

1977 clarksiville meets ryan tonight The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_11__1977_.jpg

1977 game pic from dist toruney The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_11__1977_.jpg

1977 clarksivlle eliminated The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_12__1977_.jpg

1977 District Tourney Oakland Smyrna Tullahoma The_Daily_News_Journal_Thu__May_12__1977_.jpg

1977 east ths vikings into district final Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_13__1977_.jpg

1977 game pic from dist toruney The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_11__1977_.jpg

1977 West TN District Tourney roundup The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_12__1977_.jpg

1977 West TN Dist Championship Game roundup The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_13__1977_.jpg

1977 District Semifnals The_Daily_News_Journal_Fri__May_13__1977_.jpg

1977 Franklin Co beats Tullahoma 7-2 for district title The_Daily_News_Journal_Sun__May_15__1977_.jpg

1977 east aa big inning helps maryville oust ketron Kingsport_Times_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 east aaa region sull east loses p1 Kingsport_Times_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 east aaa region sull east loses p2 Kingsport_Times_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 Happy Valley beats Rule in region Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 east all district 1AAA team Kingsport_Times_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 UET All Area Team Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 Sullivan East falls to South Young region semis Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 West TN Region Semifinal Roundup The_Jackson_Sun_Wed__May_18__1977_.jpg

1977 All Watauga Team Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__May_19__1977_.jpg

1977 West TN Region Final Roundup The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_19__1977_.jpg

1977 South Young beats Karns for region title Johnson_City_Press_Chronicle_Thu__May_19__1977_.jpg

1977 west tn ousted from tourney play The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_24__1977_.jpg

1977 Lipscomb, HIllwood, Lawrenceburg games The_Tennessean_Tue__May_24__1977_.jpg

1977 Lawrenceburg fall 15-6 to Soddy Daisy plus game pic from Hilwood v Maryville The_Tennessean_Fri__May_27__1977_.jpg

1977 Lipscomb falls to Lookout Valley The_Tennessean_Fri__May_27__1977_.jpg

1977 Hillwood loses to Maryville in semi's p1 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_27__1977_.jpg

1977 Hillwood loses p2 The_Tennessean_Fri__May_27__1977_.jpg

1977 Lookout Valley wins Class A title over Lipscomb The_Tennessean_Sat__May_28__1977_.jpg

1977 Soddy wins AAA title over Lawrenceburg The_Tennessean_Sat__May_28__1977_.jpg

1977 all nil baseball article p1 polk mvp The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_11__1977_.jpg

1977 all nil baseball article p2 The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_11__1977_.jpg

1977 all nil baseball team pic The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_11__1977_.jpg




1978 happy valley eliminates Ketron quarterfinals Kingsport_Times_Wed__May_17__1978_.jpg

1978 crockett eliminates Sci Hill Kingsport_Times_Wed__May_17__1978_.jpg

1978 BA beats southside for region 3aa title The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_18__1978_.jpg

1978 oha wins region 4a The_Jackson_Sun_Thu__May_18__1978_.jpg

1978 region final crockett wins region Kingsport_Times_Thu__May_18__1978_.jpg

1978 region final happy valley wins region Kingsport_Times_Thu__May_18__1978_.jpg

1978 Sull West eliminates WEbb makes region final Kingsport_Times_Thu__May_18__1978_.jpg

1978 region final sull west wins region Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_19__1978_.jpg

1978 oha vs lipscomb semifinal preview The_Jackson_Sun_Sun__May_21__1978_.jpg

1978 state lipscomb wins The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state aa gville wins over happy valley g1 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 lipscomb ends oha season in semifinalks The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state aaa mba ralston win g1 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state all 3 classes covered gville and valley sull west Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state BA pic from game with union city The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state oakland loses to crockett p1 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state mba and oakland games p2 The_Tennessean_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state semifinals - happy valley, sullivan west and david crockett articles Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state semis david crockett wins Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state semis goodlettsville beats happy valley Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state semis sullivan west wins in finals Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_23__1978_.jpg

1978 state sull west and crockett articles p1 Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 state sull west p2 Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 state class a lipscomb wins g1 v sull west The_Tennessean_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 class a finals sull west falls to lipscomb Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 aaa state mba ralllies to beat crockett in game 1 Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 state mba wins g1 vs crockett The_Tennessean_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 state gville wins g1 vs BA The_Tennessean_Fri__May_26__1978_.jpg

1978 state lipscomb wins over sull west Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 state lipscomb wins p2 Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 aaa finals mba wins 8-3 champs Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 state mba wins p2 Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 class a finals lipscomb takes title p1 Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 class a finals lipscomb wins p2 Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 state NIL sweeps titles p1 for each The_Tennessean_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 state NIL sweeps gville wins p2 The_Tennessean_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 state NIL sweeps lipscomb wins state  The_Tennessean_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 state NIL sweeps MBA wins title  The_Tennessean_Sat__May_27__1978_.jpg

1978 all nil baseball team pic and article The_Tennessean_Tue__Jun_6__1978_.jpg

1978 NIL All Stars Square off at Greer The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_10__1978_.jpg





1979 HS Baseball can NIL dominate again in 79 The_Tennessean_Sun__Mar_25__1979_.jpg

1979 district 12 playoffs open preview The_Leaf_Chronicle_Tue__May_9__1978_.jpg

1979 clarksville falls to mba in first rd action The_Leaf_Chronicle_Wed__May_10__1978_.jpg

1979 clarksville eliminates NW from playoffs The_Leaf_Chronicle_Thu__May_11__1978_.jpg

1979 11a clark academy eliminated The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_12__1978_.jpg

1979 pic of stewart county player sliding The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_12__1978_.jpg

1979 clark alive beat ryan 4-2 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Fri__May_12__1978_.jpg

1979 mba eliminates clarksville 1-0 The_Leaf_Chronicle_Mon__May_15__1978_.jpg

1979 region champ game capsules The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_15__1979_.jpg

1979 Old HIckory eliminates Skyview qrtrfinals The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__May_18__1979_.jpg

1979 HS baseball playoff article region title games The_Tennessean_Fri__May_18__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west wins quarterfinals p1 Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_18__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west wins quarterfinal p2 Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_18__1979_.jpg

1979 Semifinals Marshall wins Summertown wins The_Tennessean_Tue__May_22__1979_.jpg

1979 OHA loses to Summertown in semifinal The_Jackson_Sun_Tue__May_22__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west wins semifinals Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_22__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west wins semifinals p2 Kingsport_Times_Tue__May_22__1979_.jpg

1979 state Marshall Co in finals preview of tourney The_Tennessean_Thu__May_24__1979_.jpg

1979 class a finals rained out play 2 tonight Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_25__1979_.jpg

1979 state Marshall Co drops game 1 to Notre Dame The_Tennessean_Fri__May_25__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west rained out p2 Kingsport_Times_Fri__May_25__1979_.jpg

1979 class a state rained out AGAIN Kingsport_Times_News_Sat__May_26__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west summertown split pair p1 Kingsport_Times_News_Sun__May_27__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west summertown split pair p2 Kingsport_Times_News_Sun__May_27__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west wins title half page w pics Kingsport_Times_Mon__May_28__1979_.jpg

1979 class a sull west wins title p2 Kingsport_Times_Mon__May_28__1979_.jpg

1979 aa Marshall Co loses in finals The_Tennessean_Sat__May_26__1979_.jpg

1979 class a finals pics of game Kingsport_Times_News_Sun__May_27__1979_.jpg

1979 all nil baseball team article and pic The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_2__1979_.jpg

1979 all nil article p2 The_Tennessean_Sat__Jun_2__1979_.jpg

1979 all upper east tn team Kingsport_Times_Wed__Jun_13__1979_.jpg

1979 Phil Siever signs w Aquinas The_Tennessean_Thu__Jun_21__1979_.jpg