2021 Team Previews

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Chattanooga State CC
Players to Watch
1  Kobe Robinson - Fr/Pit - Had a super fall season and had flashes last spring in brief amount of games of being very good.
2  Ryan Lobus - Fr. / Pit - Much like Robinson had moments last spring of really shining.  Had a great summer in Expedition League.
3  Eddie Satisky - So / 1B - Was hitting .480 when season stopped last spring.  Great upside at plate and super mindset.
4  James Basham - So. / C/Utl - Very athletic guy with plus skills and high motor.
5  Cam Hansen - Fr. / Pit - Transfer from UTK and showed glimpses of high-end stuff and competitiveness this fall.
6  Grey LaSpaluto - Fr. / SS/Pit - 2-way guy with a great feel on the mound and a super solid player in the field.
7  Davis Balentine - So. / 2B - Transfer from Gardner Webb that has a high motor and swings it well.
8  Sam Fulton - Fr. / Pit - Transfer from UTK that is 6'10" and brings a ton of intangibles to the mound.
9  Allen Grier - Fr. / OF - Was hitting high .300's when season stopped.  Plus tools and competitiveness.
10 James Hobbs - Fr. / SS - True Freshman and has an explosive bat that may play at SS or somewhere else.
11 Haiden Hunt - Fr. / OF - Transfer from Gardner Webb who is electric fast and very physical.
12 Bryant Madden - Fr. / Pit-1B - Transfer from Univ. of Maine who will help us at potentially a number of places.
13 Patrick Norman - Fr. / 1B - Transfer from McLennan JC in Texas and came on late in the fall with a strong offensive side.
14 Michael Schicker - Fr. / C-Pit - Big kid who has a ton of upside and may be a closer type by the middle end of spring.
15 Logan Smith - Fr. / C - Maybe had the best offensive fall of everyone and is a very, very good catch-throw guy.
16 Ryan Whitener - Fr. / Pit - Transfer from Oglethorpe Univ who has nasty stuff and high upside.
Offense: We really like the potential of our offense as we may sport as many as 7 guys in the lineup that are plus runners and very aggressive.  We have a number of guys that showed some real pop offensively this fall and think that we can be a real problem for other teams if we put it all together.  Guys of particular interest for us to see are:  Allen Grier, Eddie Satisky, James Basham, Davis Balentine, Haiden Hunt and James Hobbs.
Defense:  Defense is going to be a little harder to read as we didn't get a chance to play everyone at all the various positions that we wanted to this fall.  We think we should be uber-athletic in the field and have the tools to be very solid.  Our infield is re-vamped with only Eddie Satisky coming back at 1B.  We feel like we have 2 guys at each other position that are fully capable of being really good at those spots.  In the outfield it is really wide open as Allen Grier and Haiden Hunt seemed to do the most consistent this fall but Will Duncan, Lyndon Weaver, Michael Spear and others are pushing to find ways to get into the lineup.  All run really well and that is a plus in our ballpark.
Pitching:  Maybe where we have improved the most.  We are super deep in arms as it stands right now and have more "plus" arms than we have ever had since I have been here.  Returners Kobe Robinson, Ryan Lobus, and Will Shelton all have improved.  D1 transfers like Trevor Cumberland ( Winthrop ), Sam Fulton ( UTK ), Cam Hansen ( UTK ), Grey LaSpaluto ( Gardner-Webb ), Bryant Madden ( Univ. of Maine ), Narada Monge ( Alabama State ), Corbin Morrison ( UTK ), and Ryan Whitener ( D3 Oglethorpe Univ ) all bring high level stuff and experience to our staff.  Traditional freshmen Jake Ferguson and Mike Schicker will via for time on the mound and older returners Tanner Moylan, Ronny Piepmeier and Noah Reisenfeld figure to factor in also.  All in all, we feel like we have to tools to be very solid and deep on the mound this spring.
Overall outlook:  We are cautiously optimistic here but haven't had a wealth of time to evaluate during a somewhat dysfunctional fall and an extremely limited spring season.  We like the guys we have here and the options that many of them give us but we really are going to need to gell as early as possible and see about gathering some experience quickly.  We are excited to get out and play and hopeful that this current situation will decrease in severity for all concerned health-wise as well as from our athletic standpoint. 
Cleveland State CC
Players to Watch
Columbia State CC

Players to Watch


3         Odle              Raleigh         CSO   P        R/R    5'11    165     Parsons, TN             Riverside

4         Matthews     Blade            CFR   P        R/R    5'11    165     Pulaski, TN                        Giles County

15       Kauffman     Bryan            FR      P        R/R    6'1      185     Gurabo, PR                        BYA

16       Hill               Garrett          CSO   P        R/R    6'0      185     Zionsville, IN                     University

19       Keylon         Spencer        CSO   P        R/R    6'4      215     Soddy Daisy, TN               Soddy Daisy

27       Woods          Dayton         CSO   P        L/L     6'1      175     Madison, TN                      Goodpasture

28       Majors          Brandon       CSO   P        R/R    6'4      215     Smyrna, TN                        Cane Ridge

31       Farish            Davis            CFR   P        R/R    6'5      220     Shelby, AL                         Shelby County

33       Mealer          Ethan            CFR   P        R/R    6'1      190     Chapel Hill, TN                 Forrest

36       Mann            Hunter          CFR   P        R/R    6'6      220     Gordonsville, TN               Gordonsville

40       Baker            KJ                 CFR   P        L/L     6'4      230     Nashville, TN                    John Overton


23       Huntley        Collin            CFR   C        L/R    5'8      185     Florence, AL                      Mars Hill Bible

24       Hayes            Zach              CFR   C        R/R    6'3      185     Clarksville, TN                  Clarksville

5         Shofner        Sabin            CS      C/U    R/R    6'0      165     Murfreesboro, TN              Riverdale

14       Smith            Mitchell       CFR   C/U    R/R    5"11   200     Pickerington, OH               Pickerington North


2         Parliment     Joey              CFR   INF    R/R    5'7      165     Lancaster, TN                    Gordonsville

7         Richardson   Wade            CFR   INF    L/R    5'9      175     Powder Springs, GA           Hillgrove

12       Warner         Carter            FR      INF    R/R    5'11    155     Murfreesboro, TN              Blackman

17       Davis            Carter            FR      INF    R/R    6'2      195     Covington, TN                   Covington

20       Shelton         Preston         FR      INF    R/R    6'0      185     Belfast, TN                         Marshall County

22       Wolaver       Tyler             FR      INF    R/R    6'2      185     Fayetteville, TN                 Fayetteville

34       Alfonso        Henry            FR      INF    R/R    6'0      195     Miami, FL                          Southridge


6           Wright  Ethan                 CF         OF         L/L        5'8        165       Marietta, GA                   Hillgrove

9           Pointer  Jacob                 FR         OF         R/R       6'1        180       Knoxville, TN                  Central

10         Wilson  David                 CS         OF         R/R       5'10      175       Nashville, TN                  Goodpasture

11         Reed     Andrew              FR         OF         R/R       5'8        180       Brownsville, TN              Haywood

13         Mangrum Haven            CF         OF         L/R        6'1        185       Goodlettsville, TN           Beech

32         German Isaac                 FR         OF         R/R       6'1        195       Clarksville, TN                 Clarksville Academy


8         Hobson         Royal            CFR   UTL   R/R    5'9      175     Nashville, TN                    East Nashville

18       Nelson          Chase            FR      UTL   L/L     6'0      190     Gallatin, TN                       Hendersonville

21       Cullen          Tyler             CFR   UTL   R/R    6'0      185     Greenback, TN                  Greenback

25       McCarthy     Kevin            CSO   UTL   L/R    5'9      170     Knoxville, TN                    Farragut

26       Ford              Preston         CFR   UTL   R/R    5'10    190     Memphis, TN                     Harding Academy

29       Jarvis            Jackson        CFR   UTL   L/R    6'3      230     Franklin, TN                       Franklin

30       Rosa              Jose               FR      UTL   R/R    5'11    190     Vieques, PR                       PBHSA.


Offense:  We are returning a big chunk of our starters from last year’s bunch.  We will rely on our athleticism to create offense.  We can really run so moving the baseball in the field of play will be the key to scoring runs.  I feel like this is a broken record every year for us but getting these guys committed to simply putting the ball in play will be paramount.

Defense:  We have the potential be strong on the defensive side of the ball.  Our catching corps shows the makings of being solid.  Up and down the roster we have so many utilitarian players which could prove useful if we run into quarantine situations. 

Pitching:  Coming out of the fall we were feeling pretty strongly about the staff as a whole.  The unpredictability of young men and our inability to get some of these guys to simply do what they are supposed to do has created some excellent opportunities for other guys to step up.  We will need a few of these third year guys to carry the bulk of innings while we buy time for health and bullpen experience to catch up. 

Overall outlook:  We have a fine group of young men who will go out there and compete and have a chance to win a few games.  By reading some of the other outlooks maybe we should just get our vaccines and call it season…wait…it’s been a few years since I needed a reminder of what Lawrence Lingerfelt told us in that old Rock Creek gymnasium, “Boys, they put their britches on just like you, one leg at a time.”  Thank you Coach! I think we’ll play some ball.

Dyersburg State CC
Players to Watch
1  Drew Reckart - 2B
2  Evan Gilliam - CF
3  Chris Mondesi - SS
4  Stephen Cullen - 1
5  Kody O'Connor - RF
6  James Dodd - C
7  Kameron Wells - LF
2021 TEAM OUTLOOK: We return pretty much everything from the Covid year plus many transfers.  This is one of the hardest working groups I have had in my 20 years at DSCC.  Obviously, us staying healthy and Covid-free is gonna be the key factor for us.
Offense:  I feel like 1-9 we will be competitive
Defense:  We should be really good defensively. Strong up the middle of the diamond with Reckart, Mondesi and Gilliam.
Pitching:  Definitely our strongest phase of the game as long as we stay healthy
Overall outlook: I feel we will have a chance to compete at a very high level if everyone accepts their roles.  We have a large number of guys on our roster and with this pandemic going on, we are going to need everyone to contribute.


Jackson State CC
Players to Watch
1 Travis Reaves SO/SS Eastern Illinois- Travis will be a 3 year starter at SS, and will be the anchor of our defense.
2  CJ Clark-SO/1B- CJ will be a 3 year starter for us and will continue to hit in the Middle of the order
3 Tyler Proctor- SO/RHP- Proctor is a 3 year guy that will be looked upon to pitch at the top of the rotation.
4 Brayden Arendale-FR/RHP- Brayden is a 2nd year guy that pitched in some big spots last year and will be in those same roles this year.
5 Khalil Dunn-SO/CF- Khalil will be a 3 year starter for us in CF.
Offense/Defense: The Greenjays will return all of their position guys from 2019 and have added several Freshmen that will have opportunities to contribute early. The Greenjays will look for SO/SS Travis Reaves to set the tone at the top of the order and will look for several guys to have opportunities to generate big runs in the middle. Infielders SO CJ Clark, FR Brandon Jernigan, FR Hunter Hankins, FR Mitch Sisk, FR Lee Derryberry all had impressive falls and will be looked upon to lead at the plate. In the outfield SO Khalil Dunn, SO Chase Nichols, FR Luke Pratt and FR Michael Bell, all had great falls at the plate and proved themselves by limiting extra bases and runs from outfield hits. The catching position looks to be the most improved position for the Greenjays with addition of FR Chase Hoover and the return of SO Nathan Massey and FR George Sala, all bringing consistent bats at the plate and handling our pitching staff this fall.
Pitching: The Greenjays will benefit from increased depth on the mound with the addition of multiple arms this year and will look to improve from last spring in which they were slightly shorthanded. The Greenjays return several pitchers that saw significant innings last spring, SO Tyler Proctor, FR Brayden Arendale, FR Blake Kincaid, FR JT. Lea. The pitching staff will have several newcomers this year that will see time on the mound, FR Taylor Sipes, FR Will Cantrell, FR Cole Breault, Fr Larry Flesher, FR Cameron Gordon, FR Tristian Castner
Season outlook: This year will be unlike any year that a team has had to experience and I feel the Greenjays did a great job this fall of making the necessary adjustment to ensure our baseball season this spring. I am encouraged by being able to test weekly and focus on getting our guys on the field playing as many games as possible. It was nice to start the Fall knowing all of our guys names and faces the first day of practice which was much different for me last Fall. I'm excited about the chemistry that this team has developed over the fall/early spring and we are ready to get out and compete against the Western Division TCCAA. The schedule will be much different than years past as we transition back to the old Western/Eastern division formats. I look forward to some old rivalries that will be reignited when have to play each western division opponent 8 times.
  Motlow State CC
Players to Watch
1 Ethan Anderson RHP/C/OF  Transfer from UT. 2 way guy with a lot of talent both on the mound and at the plate.  Will see time behind the plate and in the OF as well as big contributor on the mound.
2  Jack Connelly OF  Lot of tools on this guy that can do a lot of good things at the plate, on the bases, and in the field.
3  Wes Earles  LHP  Coming back from TJ, he was upper 80s low 90s guy with plus BB before injury
4  Matthew Meadows  RHP  Upper 80s guy with a lot of pitchability.  Looking for him to contribute a lot on the mound for us.
5  Eddy Pietschman UTIL  Big guy with a lot of juice.  He was a late add to us and can hit the ball a long way.
6  Bryce Valero - C/OF  One of our best hitters a year ago.  Tremendous hitter that should be a big time contributor.
7  Zach Wyatt - RHP  Coming off injury expected back mid season.  Last season contributed significant innings out of the bullpen.  Upper 80s arm with good off-speed and experience.  We eagerly await his return.
8  Jeremy Begora - 1B  Another big kid that hits the ball really hard.  Looking for him to be a staple in the middle of the lineup.
9  Brantley Holden - OF  Very solid baseball player through and through.  The kind of guy that just does everything well.  Martin Methodist committ
10 Alex Brown - RHP  Transferred to us this year.  mid to upper 80s with really good BB.  Has significant college game experience that will be crucial to us.
11  Blaine Harris - OF/LHP  Top of the lineup hitter that can cause a lot of havoc offensively.  Will help us on the mound as well.
12 Brandon Horsley - OF  LHH transfer that will add depth to our outfield and will see a lot of time.  Could be a big time bat from the left side.
13 Colt Taylor - RHP from multiple arm slots that contributed a lot a year ago.  Looking to see an even better season out of him this year.
14 Rhett Birdsong - defensive stalwart behind the plate.  Could be one of the best I have had defensively.  Pitchers love throwing to him
Other significant contributors that are incoming freshman
Bryson Givens - 2 way guy
Wells Gunter - D1 transfer IF
Marcus Joyner - LHP that could see a lot of time for us
Logan Ketron - RHP with a big upside
Trent Kincade - workhorse infielder
Carson Kirby - Big time pop from left side  OF
Reese Milam - RHP with a solid future
Colin Oneal - offensive catcher
Ross Pendergrass - RHP big kid with a lot of room to grow
Matthew Pilkington - Left handed hitting solid catcher
Gabe Sibert - good hitting IF
Tyler Smith - IF that you love to watch play the game offensively and defensively
Justin Stubblefield - 2 way guy at 1B and LHP
Offense:  Offensively, we looked really good at times in the fall.  I don't know if that was a combination of not having our veterans throwing much this fall or if we just hit really well.  I expect this to be a strong point for us this year.  We have the potential to produce a lot of runs while also being difficult for opponents on the bases.  There are a lot of spots still up for grabs and competition only makes you better so I am looking for a lot of good things.  While we have the potential to be really good, we still haven't seen a lot of outside competition so there is a lot to be determined.  We will find a lot of things out these first few weeks.
Defense:  We have a lot of new faces and lost some really top notch defenders up the middle so we have big shoes to fill in that category.  We have more depth behind the plate than in the past with some really good players.  Our infield positions will see some movement as we go through the season but I am sure but we could be solid.  There are a lot of options in the outfield for us.  In this league, these guys have to produce offensively so that will determine a lot of who we see out there but it is good to have options to make changes during the game that we haven't had in the recent past.
Pitching: As a whole, we are inexperienced.  We are still waiting the return of a few of our top guys but have some that are doing well right now.  Potential is there for several players but we MUST command the strike zone if we are going to compete in the TCCAA.  We have several guys that will be very good that are going to have to step up right away and help us win.  We will see a lot of different guys early on and a few will step up and take the spots.  With 4 conference games a week, there is more opportunity than ever to be significant contributors on the mound.  I'm excited to see who will end up being the guys that make it happen.
Overall outlook:  Overall, we have a lot of new faces.  We didn't play much outside competition in the fall so we are still figuring out who we are.  We had a shortened fall season due to Covid.  With all that in mind, it leaves a lot of opportunity for everyone here. I like our group of guys.  I think they are coming together well.  Once we start play, it will be a whirlwind and should be really fun.  I know once we start playing games, it will be the first time in almost a year that all of these guys felt normal.  I am optimistic that I haven't even scratched the surface of the ability of these guys.  This is going to be a tough season and a real grind with our format.  We will know more about our opponents than ever before but they will know a lot more about us as well.  Our group and individual weaknesses will be exposed and we will have no choice but to learn to adapt.  I think it will be great for the overall development of everyone in the league but we will take our lumps at times.  If we can adapt and grow, we could put together a competitive season.  This is a tough league and we will have a battle on our hands every game.  There are no easy wins!  It's going to be fun!  Go Bucks!
Roane State CC
Players to Watch
1 Kendall Scantland-CF/ RHH. Kendall will hit in the top of the lineup. All Kendall has to do is stay healthy and he'll be a .400 hitter for us easily.
2 Brandon Langenberg- OF/ RHH. Hit .371 in 22 games last season as a true freshman. Has added more physicality and hopeful he will build on last year's production.
3 Jackson Odette C/LHH- Hit .325 in 22 games last season as a true freshman. Stepped up as our number one catcher and after a fall of getting healthy is looking to have a big year 2 here.
4 Joe Bertram RHP- Has had some slight injury recovery this fall but looking for him to get healthy and build on a solid start last spring.
5 Javon Grier 1B/ RHH- 2019 Season at Jackson State where he hit .315 over 51 games Javon has become a more complete player and should be able to drive in runs consistently
6 Nick Spardone SS/ RHH- 3rd yr guy. Nick is at the top of the list of most solid defensive Shortstops in the conference. Will flash elite plays all spring and hit bat will play better than average.
7 Brayden Osborne UTL/ RHH- Brayden will do it all as he's looking to get back healthy after having TJ surgery last January. Bat will play but will also log significant innings on the mound and all  around the field defensively.
Offense: Most depth and options we've had since I've been at Roane the last 3 years building this roster. A lot of above average hitters that will grind out at bats. Will have lead conference in some categories at season's end.
Defense: We have options and depth at every position. Essentially, 3 catchers who can play at a high level in Dakotah Danner, Jackson Odette, and Brayden Osborne. Nick Spardone SS & Matthew Jenkinson 3B returning on left side of infield. Outfield returns Kendall Scantland who will be one of the most exciting players in the league if healthy as well as Brandon Langenberg returning. I believe a mix of Kobe Perkins, Brody Goodman, and Declan McDermott (If healthy) will all get a shot at time in the other outfield spot.
Pitching: Joe Bertram is the big returner with a larger mix of experienced arms than we've had in recent past. We also have a group of Freshman arms that will get a chance to help us.
Overall outlook:Our Team goal for this spring is to "Become Relevant" again. This leaves things open to whatever that looks like for our team. We've spent the last 3 years really building this team back up to a level of consistency and now we're ready to take that step to become discussed on a more national level! Roane State had alot of success in the late 80's and early 90's, this team wants to be known for getting it back there.
Southwest TN CC
Players to Watch
1 RHP Jesse Homan - Univ. of Memphis
2 SS Eli Hammonds
3 C Dru Yopp
4 OF Gaylen Rutledge
5 RHP Nick Vaccaro
6 1B Jackson Little
7 2B Cole Rheinecker
Offense: Very deep & talented group. Have a nice mixture of power & speed. Dawson Simmons, Dru Yopp, Jackson Little, and Gaylen Rutledge should be in quite a few RBI situations if the other guys do their job in front of them. Think we have a chance to score runs in bunches.
Defense: Very athletic defensively, especially on all 4 spots on the infield. Playing on turf should help us out as well. Dru Yopp is an outstanding thrower from behind the plate as well.
Pitching: We will only be as good as a team as our pitching staff allows us to be. We have some talented guys with some swing & miss stuff as a whole, but if we don't command our fastballs well enough then we could see some inflated walk numbers. Guys need to buy into their roles and if they do that then we have a shot to be solid there!
Overall outlook: Chance to do some things here in Memphis that our program has not been able to do in a long time. Most talented roster our program has had in 15 years. Excited to see them on the field together and competing at a high level.
Volunteer State CC
Players to Watch
1 CF Henry Mosley
2 INF Travis Faix
3 C/UTL Cooper Tremmel
4 OF Dalton Pyzer
5 P Dylan Penick
6 P Colton Brumley
7 P Austin Wells
Offense: We have shown signs of being a decent offensive team. Hard to get a true read in the Fall when you are facing the same guys everyday. We will have to manufacture runs at times and hopefully have guys that can drive in runs when needed.
Defense: I think we should have a solid defense especially up the middle.
Pitching: Pitching like everyone else is going to be the key to our season. Time will tell.
Overall outlook: Overall we could be a pretty competitive ball club. Will have to overachieve a little bit. We just have to lock in and compete every day and rest will take care of itself. Time will tell if we will be that hard nosed team or not. Overall just hope we get a full season. Players at every level need a full season. Let’s just hope and pray that happens.
Walters State CC
Players to Watch
1. 3B Jerry Hammons, Should be everyday 3-hole hitter. Former Farragut standout. Committed to Southeastern University
2. C/OF Cam Fisher, Projected 2-hole hitter. Transfer from Ole Miss and former Hardin Valley standout
3. INF Noah Gent, ready for breakout year. From Pigeon Forge HS
4. SS Lukas Cook, true freshman from Hardin Valley HS. Plus defender.
5. INF Andrew Ott, solid LHH versatile infielder that can handle the bat. From Seymour HS.
6. OF Dalton McLain, tremendous defensive outfielder who really competes at plate. From Greeneville HS.
7. INF/C Logan Harbin, good hitter with power. From Pigeon Forge HS.
8. OF Kylon Holder, outfielder who has improved in all phases of game since last year. From Sacred Heart of Jesus HS, Jackson.
9. C Jace Spivey, plus defensive catcher with great baseball IQ. From Cookeville HS.
10. INF Cole McCallum, Plus hitter with power. From South Gibson HS.
11. OF Colby Backus, Strong and athletic outfielder that has a chance to hit for power. From Daniel Boone HS.
12. C Jackson Bryan, coming off injury last year, has continued to improve each day. From Beach HS.
1. RHP Nathan Hickman, Versatile pitcher who can both start and relieve. Outstanding last year. From Loudon HS.
2. RHP Peyton Calitri, has really come on this year with velo jump and good secondary pitches. From Collierville HS.
3. RHP Hudson Ross, 6'9 240, up to 93 MPH this fall. From Houston HS. 
4. RHP Rob Yates, 6'5 righty, up to 92 in preseason. From Clarksville Academy. Committed to South Alabama.
5. RHP Drew Honeycutt, up to 91 in preseason. From Science Hill HS.
6. RHP Jacques Gillespie-Taylor, upper 80's righty. From Greeneville HS.
7. RHP Brayden Matthews, Upper 80's righty with outstanding secondary stuff. From Bartlett HS.
8. LHP Joey Mitchell, competitive lefty with good secondary. From Riverdale HS.
9. RHP Bracken Rice, mid to upper 80's strike thrower. From Rossview HS.
10 RHP Landon Crumbley. 6'4 righty that has continued to improve each outing. From Grace Christian Academy.
11. RHP Nate Watson. Keeps improving daily coming off surgery last year. From Morristown West HS.
12. LHP Kyle Lewis. Just throws strikes and gets outs. From Morristown West.
13. LHP Sebastian Fugate. Funky lefty that gives hitters a different look. From Dobyns Bennett HS.
14. LHP Ethan Hailey. Looks to bounce back from Fall injury. From Rhea County HS.
15. RHP Landon Lewis. Looks to bounce back from Fall injury. From McCallie HS.

Offense: Our offense should be a strength this year as we return some quality hitters along with some impact newcomers. We have depth at each position, which should be a key this year especially.
Defense: We really like our defense this year, which isn't always the case here. Our Assistants, Mark Allen Bounds(outfielders), Joe Torres(infielders), and Malone Smith(Catchers) have done a tremendous job developing our guys on a daily basis defensively, and we think this could be one of our strengths.
Pitching: As has been every year, our Pitching Coach, Sean Robinson has again worked wonders with this staff. Our pitchers have improved tremendously from the Fall, and our 2nd year guys have developed leaps and bounds. It has given us a ton of depth with guys who will give us a chance to compete.
Overall outlook: Needless to say, we are excited for this season and the opportunity to get to compete in real games again. Every one in college baseball is dealing with new adversity in which we are not used to. Now we not only have an opponent on the field to prepare for, but dealing with the protocols for Covid-19 and assuring our safety while balancing preparation and improving on the field has been a daily challenge that will continue for this entire season. But after having last season taken away, everyone here is determined to do whatever it takes to play a full season this year, and give these kids what they deserve and have worked hard for. Last year taught all of us to not take playing games for granted, so we will enjoy each game we play a little more this year, regardless of outcome.