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School Website Nickname Coach
Chattanooga St   Tigers Greg Dennis
Columbia St Chargers Mike Corn
Cleveland St Cougars Mike Policastro
Dyersburg St Eagles Robert White
Jackson St Green Jays
Michael Winders
Motlow State Bucks Dan McShea
Roane St Raiders Zach Sterner
Southwest TN Saluqis Erik Schoenrock
Volunteer St Pioneers Ryan Hunt
Walters St Senators David Shelton

2020 TCCAA Weekly Report
Scores and Highlights from each conference series!
Week  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  Region VII Tournament


    * indicates TCCAA POW
Feb 28/29

Week One

POW for each series
 Home score listed first -    
Volunteer v Roane
12-2, 2-5, 11-1  Vol wins 2-1
Brennan White/Volunteer
Chattanooga v Walters
0-10, 1-9, 9-8 Walters wins 2-1
Andrew Lindsey/Walters - Pitcher of tthe Week
Jackson v Cleveland
5-10, 2-3, 3-2  Cleve wins,  2-1
Alex Ray/Cleveland
Motlow v Southwest
4-3, 8-1, 11-18  Mot wins 2-1
Chewy Sander/Motlow - Hitter of the Week
Dyerstburg v Columbia
2-8, 4-3, 7-5  Dburg wins 2-1
Drew Reckhart/Dyersburg



Week Two

POW for each series
 Home score listed first -    
Cleveland v Roane
6-4, 2-3, 10-9  Cleve wins 2-1
Lance Dockery/Cleveland
Columbia v Volunteer
10-0, 12-2, 3-7  Columbia wins 2-1
Haven Mangrum/Columbia
Walters v Jackson
17-5, 16-0, 14-5  Walters sweeps 3-0
Caleb McNeely/Walters - Hitter of the Week
Chattanooga v Motlow
2-12, 2-14, 10-6  Motlow wins 2-1
Xavier Torres/Motlow
Southwest v Dyersburg
1-26, 1-9, 1-12  Dburg sweeps 3-0
Aiden Frye/Dburg- Pitcher of the Week


March 14/15

Week Three

POW for each series

Home score listed first -


Roane at Chattanooga

Motlow at Cleveland

Walters at Southwest

Dyersburg at Volunteer

Jackson at Columbia



March 21/22

Week Four

 Home score listedfirst - \\ 
Chattanooga vs Cleveland

Volunter at Walters

Dyersburg at Jackson
7-4, 4-3, 1-11  Jackson wins 2-1

Roane at Motlow
15-5, 2-1, 4-1  Motlow sweeps

Columbia at Southwest
12-5, 2-6, 1-6  Columbia wins 2-1



March 28/29

Week Five

POW for each series

                         Home score listed first -

Jackson v Chattanooga
6-1, 10-0, 19-0  Chattanooga sweeps
Noah Fitzgerald, Chattanooga
Walters v Roane
2-17, 1-9, 2-9  Walters sweeps
Zebulon Matthews, Walters
Motlow v Dyersburg
1-2, 2-0, 0-11  Motlow wins 2-1
Dalton Wilder, Motlow TCCAA Pitcher of the Week
Cleveland v Columbia
1-9, 2-12, 7-18  Cleveland sweeps
Lance Dockery, Cleveland  TCCAA Hitter of the Week
Southwest v Volunteer
3-2, 3-2, 7-3 Monday  Vol sweeps

April 3/4

Week Six

POW for each series

                            Home score listed first -

Volunteer v Jackson

Walters v Cleveland

Roane v Dyersburg

Motlow v Columbia

Chattanooga v Southwest



April 10/11

Week Seven

POW for each series

                            Home score listed first -

Columbia v Chattanooga

Southwest v Roane

Jackson v Motlow

Dyersburg v Walters

Cleveland v Volunteer


April 17/18

Week Eight

POW for each series

                          Home score listed first -

Volunteer v Motlow

Dyersburg v Chattanooga

Southwest v Cleveland

Roane v Jackson

Walters v Columbia

 , Col

April 24/25\

Week Nine

POW for each series
Home score listed first
Cleveland v Dyersburg

Columbia v Roane

Motlow v Walters

Chattanooga v Volunteer

Jackson v Southwest



April 29-May 3
Fri-Sun TCCAA/Region VII Volunteer St CC
May 16-19 Thu-Sun East/Central District TBD
May 25- June 2 Sat-Sat NJCAA World Series Grand Junction, CO